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About Animation Academy

Loughborough University’s School of the Arts, English & Drama houses THE ANIMATION ACADEMY, a centre for animation research,
scholarship, practice and exhibition, embracing tradition and progress, education and industry, art and commerce;
and dedicated to excellence at a national and international level in all its activities.

The Animation Academy believes:

  • Animation occupies a cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary space between graphic design, illustration, fine-art-making, and visual practices in production and exhibition contexts.
  • Animation is a versatile cross-platform medium, in feature films and TV sit-coms; cartoons and avant garde shorts; web-sites, ads and on mobile phones. This ironically, heightens its presence while diluting its profile.
  • Animation has been misunderstood as a marginalised form and mainly as a children’s entertainment, when in reality, it is a radical and progressive art-form and practical application.
  • Animation is the only art to remain consistently and insistently experimental as it grows in mass popularity and acceptance.
  • Animation should be addressed through properly integrated methods of theory and practice, and include historical, critical and practical methodologies.
  • Animation should be more acknowledged and recognised for its achievements, impact and continuing significance in the contemporary world.

What We Offer…
  • Postgraduate courses and Research opportunities
  • Project development with Academic, Cultural and Commercial Institutions
  • Funded research projects and initiatives

The Animation Academy


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